Fireworks, parades and barbecues are essential to any Fourth of July celebration, but how are you including your four-legged friend in today's festivities? After all, your pet is a proud American too. One way to show off your animal's love for the USA is to deck him out in red, white and blue.

Here are 10 adorable canines dressed up for for Independence Day.

This all-American Bloodhound may be a bit bemused by his getup, but we think it's terrific — especially that headband.

Sometimes, simple is best. Vetstreet editor Kristen Seymour's dogs, Rudi and Hollie, are picnic-ready in their patriotic bandannas.

This is one patriotic pooch! Surrounded by so much red, white and blue, this dog makes us want to break out into "Stars and Stripes Forever."

Balty the Dachshund is not only patriotic because of his adorable flag-printed bandanna, he also loves one of America's greatest pastimes — baseball. He even writes about it!

While this Boston Terrier doesn't look too thrilled with her outfit, we're impressed by the detail on her fabulous Fourth of July costume.

We have only one question about this photo: Where can we score a pair of this little guy's sweet Independence Day shades?

Reebok the Whippet is ready to party like it's 1776 in her lovely flag bandanna. 

Patriotic bandanna? Check. Red, white and blue booties? Check! This adorable pooch is ready to celebrate the Fourth of July — and keep his paws comfy on the parade route!

Our Founding Fathers — and Uncle Sam — would be happy to see just how much this dog loves the USA.

This pup is flying the flag with pride — in fact, he's flying two flags, which makes his navy-and-red sweater even more holiday-appropriate.