August 5 is Work Like a Dog Day — a day set aside to celebrate the people (and pups) who show true grit and refuse to quit until the job is done. To show our appreciation for these diligent canines, we’ve rounded up our favorite fan-submitted photos of hardworking dogs who do everything from detecting explosives to providing comfort and companionship at hospitals.

These amazing dogs prove that when someone says you’re "working like a dog," it’s a true compliment.

Major the Belgian Malinois loves to goof around, but he has a very serious and important job: He's an explosives detection dog.

Tyson, a German Shepherd mix, is training to become a search and rescue dog with K9 Search and Rescue of Kansas.

Parker the Jack Russell Terrier is a trained bed bug detection dog working out of New York City.

Sled dogs Petunia and Kipper lead their team in races across cold — and often treacherous — terrain in Alaska.

Fred is a deaf Border Collie who was rescued from a puppy mill and is now a veterinary hospital greeter and part-time puppy socializer.

Zooka, a certified avalanche search and rescue dog in Alaska, hits the slopes with his handler.

Iggy is a fantastic service dog. Not only does he offer his owner assistance at a moment's notice, he also provides companionship and love.

Dylan Pickles is a therapy dog who visits the residents on the memory loss floor of a retirement home.

This certified therapy dog is Punky, a Border Terrier/Parson Terrier mix who helps out at the San Diego veterans' hospital.

All dressed up for an Epilepsy Foundation fundraiser, Buddicelli is one snazzy service dog.

Pixel helps teach first aid and canine CPR courses for the Red Cross.
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