Screenshot of 2048 Cats Edition

Say goodbye to your productive day.

We know you’ve already wasted hours of your life playing 2048, the game where you slide matching numbered tiles together to add up to 2048. Some of us at Vetstreet have been trying for weeks to solve the puzzle. We were about to give up when we discovered that there are animal editions of the game. And not just any animals — we’re talking cats, Doge and Corgis.

2048 Cats Edition

Anyone who plays 2048 knows that sliding two 128 tiles together to make 256 is extremely satisfying. It gives you that bit of hope that you’ll make it to 2048. Well, it’s even more satisfying when the 256 tile is a GIF of a cat dressed as a lion chewing on a toy giraffe. What will the 512 tile GIF be? We don’t know. Sorry, we have to play again to find out.

2048 — Ventus the Corgi Edition

This adorable version of the game features photos of a Corgi named Ventus. In the tile for 32 he’s dressed as a panda. We can’t wait to find out what’s in store for tile 2048.

Doge 2048

Doge 2048

Wow. So Doge. Even though the neon-flashing GIFs of our favorite Shiba Inu kind of make our eyes hurt, the Doge-style words of encouragement that flash on the screen make us want to power through (over and over again). What can we say? We are "such natural."