Dublin Zoo Giraffe

A mere three days after her birth, a Rothschild giraffe calf at the Dublin Zoo made her first appearance at the African Savannah habitat and joined her family of ten giraffes.

As the youngest member of the herd you might think she’d be a little immature and kind of a pain in the neck, but so far, she’s getting along quite well with her fellow giraffes.

“She is very confident for her age as most calves would not join the herd until a week after they are born, however she has integrated very well,” said Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains.

While the zoo is delighted with their spunky new arrival, they have yet to give her a name and need your help. You can submit your suggestion on the zoo’s Facebook page, but not just any moniker will suffice for this adorable baby. The zookeepers want to give her a name that is original, fits her personality and reflects her African origin.