Dapper fox tie

Father’s Day is almost here, and chances are your go-to present for Dad is a tie. And when it comes to neckwear, there are thousands of options to choose from: skinny, wide, striped, patterned, solid, silk, knit… You get the idea. To narrow your choices, we found animal-themed ties that your father will be wild about — whether he’s an avian aficionado or dog devotee.

Dapper Fox Tie

Add a touch of fun and whimsy to your dad’s wardrobe with the Dapper Fox tie from Etsy seller ScatterbrainTies. The handmade accessory features a sophisticated fox wearing a natty tweed suit. To complete the look, we suggest Dad also wear a tweed suit (elbow patches optional). Etsy, $28.

Salvatore Ferragamo Giraffe Tie

Available in blue or red, this giraffe-print tie from Salvatore Ferragamo is subtle enough to wear at the office and unusual enough to be a conversation starter. The tie also gives your dad an opportunity to make corny jokes about neckwear and giraffes. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) Nordstrom, $190.

Vineyard Vines Pelican Tie

Summer is here, and Dad needs a tie light enough for warm weather. The Vineyard Vines pelican tie comes in an array of summer colors and is patterned with pelicans catching fish. Vineyard Vines, $85.

Crazy Corgi Bow Tie

Crazy Corgi Bow Tie

If your dad’s favorite YouTube videos include “Corgi Lets Loose at the Splash Park” and “The Corgi Song,” then this is the gift for him. It is sure to put a smile on his face every time he wears it. Urban Outfitters, $19.

Woven Silk Seahorse Tie

As far as animal fathers go, seahorses are pretty awesome — after all, it’s the male seahorses who hatch their young. Show your dad how much you appreciate everything he's done for you with this accessory from Paul Stuart. Paul Stuart, $128.50.