Havana Brown cat breed

If you think the Havana Brown resembles the Siamese, it’s for good reason. The breed was created by crossing the chocolate- and seal-point Siamese with black domestic shorthairs and Russian Blues. The result? A striking chocolate-brown cat with emerald eyes. The breed was likely named for its tobacco-like coloring — not for any association with Cuba. But he’s more than just a pretty face. Get to know the Havana Brown and learn more about whether he might be the right cat breed for you.

They’re rare.

There’s a good chance that you’ve never encountered this breed. It’s estimated that fewer than 1,000 Havana Browns exist in the world. 

They tend to be sociable.

The Havana Brown is generally a human-oriented cat who can get along with children. He usually enjoys attention and spending time with his people. Expect him to shadow you just about everywhere you go.

They’re generally easy to groom.

The Havana Brown generally doesn’t shed much and usually gets by with a weekly brushing. The only other grooming required is regular nail trimming and ear cleaning.

They tend to be playful.

Like many cats, the Havana Brown usually likes using his paws to investigate. Interactive toys can be some of his favorite playthings — besides you, of course.

They can be chatty.

While the Havana Brown isn’t always as talkative as the Siamese, he usually likes to converse with his family in his soft voice.

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