Pixiebob cat breed
The Pixiebob has a somewhat wild look, but don’t let that fool you — he tends to be an affectionate, loving cat. This medium- to large-sized cat can have a short or long coat that’s usually in a brown spotted tabby pattern. Legend has it that the Pixiebob is the result of an American Bobcat mating with a barn cat, but there’s no scientific proof of that. Learn more about the unique-looking Pixiebob and whether he might be the right cat breed for you.

They can be doglike.

The Pixiebob is generally devoted to his people and tends to love spending time with his family. And, much like a dog, it’s not unusual to see him playing fetch or learning to walk on a leash.

They can be good with children.

Typically a sturdy and active cat, the Pixiebob can be a good playmate for kids, provided the children treat him with the gentle respect he deserves.

They’re often laid-back.

While the Pixiebob can enjoy being in the center of whatever is going on, he generally has a calm, relaxed attitude. He’ll probably be happy to kick back with you and watch some TV.

They tend to be chatterboxes.

In addition to purrs and meows, the Pixiebob’s vocabulary also includes chirps, chitters and growls. Don’t be surprised if he wants to tell you all about his day.

They can have extra toes.

The Pixiebob breed standard allows for polydactylism, meaning he can have more than the usual amount of toes.

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