“Oh my God, I can’t believe my eyes,” says 6-year-old Brooklyn in a sweet video that captured the moment her parents surprised her with a kitten in a gift bag for her birthday. 

The birthday girl snuggles the little ball of orange and white fur while thanking her mom profusely.


According to the YouTube post from May, Brooklyn’s family had two senior cats who’d passed away recently, and she’d been begging for a kitten for her birthday. They had said no, but her mom works in a veterinary hospital and had helped a Persian cat through an emergency C-section. Two of her kittens survived, but one had a weak heart. Brooklyn’s mom thought her family could give him the care he needed.

A later update stated that the kitten, who was 8 weeks old on Brooklyn’s birthday, is now a healthy boy, and has a name: Max McTavish.