If you aren’t already excited for fall, we’ve got fan-submitted photos sure to put you in the mood. These cats and dogs are happily welcoming the season and all the fun things that come with it.

Here are seven reasons these animals can’t wait for autumn to begin.

Cooler weather means you can spend all day playing outside.

Dog posing with leaves.

There are beautiful colors everywhere you look.

Dog with fall trees.

It’s the perfect time of year to get in some quality cuddle time.

Cats on hay.

Photo ops are easy. Just add pumpkins.

Dog with fall decorations.

Jumping in a pile of leaves is the best thing ever.

Dog in leaves.

Ditto for hide-and-seek in the leaves.

Dog hiding in leaves.

And it means it’s almost time for our favorite seasonal activity: pumpkin carving!

Cat with pumpkins.

Now throw on a sweater, grab a (pumpkin spice) latte and head out to enjoy the season with your own pets!

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