Averie Mitchell, 9, and a rescue puppy named Hattie Mae are a “match made in heaven,” says Averie’s mom. The pair met in February during one of Averie’s appointments at Celerity Prosthetics in Oklahoma City, where she was being fitted for a new prosthetic leg. Hattie Mae, who’s missing her back right leg, was there for a fitting at the same time, with her foster mom. “While Averie was getting casted, Hattie laid her head on Averie’s lap and sat there with her,” said Kimberly Mitchell. From there, a sweet friendship was born. The Mitchell family adopted Hattie from The Underdogs Rescue in May. The two have been bonding and settling in. Averie is expected to get her new prosthetic in the next few days, and Hattie’s is being built now. — Watch it at ABC News