Gentleman Norman

Do any of the guys in your life need a little help when it comes to being a real gentleman? Have you found yourself wondering whether chivalry still exists, and what you'd need to do to convince your fella that being a man doesn't have to include wearing a backwards hat and a 5 o'clock shadow?

Norman is at your service. This 12-year-old Pomeranian and his best gal, Laura Martella, have a new book out called Gentleman Norman: How to Be a Man, and it's as helpful as it is adorable. Norman knows how to help you stay out of the doghouse, that's for sure!

Not sure you believe it? Check out the slideshow of Norman's tips over at Babble Pets. You won't be disappointed on either account.

And, if you're intrigued and would like to shake this little guy's paw, you're in luck! Norman has a number of appearances scheduled, all of which you can find on his site.