Now boarding: Endangered African elephants.

OK, we can’t say for sure, but we hope that announcement was made when LAN Cargo recently shipped nine African elephants to Puebla, Mexico.

The endangered animals traveled from Namibia to their new home at Puebla’s African Safari Zoo on June 1.

LAN Cargo, the main cargo operator in Latin America, is no stranger to transporting wildlife across the globe. The company has carried a veritable Noah's Ark of species, including wallabies, dolphins, bees, lions, and giraffes. It once shipped 45 horses in a single flight.


The elephants' vehicle of choice, a Boeing 777 freighter, is capable of transporting 104 tons. And even if it’s packed to maximum capacity, the plane can travel up to 9,045 kilometers — that’s 5,620 miles. How’s that for some impressive numbers?

A news release from LAN Cargo says the first-time flyers traveled with comfort, ample space and silence (are you jealous yet?), and that veterinarians cared for them throughout the whole trip.

After the long journey, the animals made it to their destination safe and sound. Which is a very good thing, as nine cranky African elephants can really cause a ruckus.