After months of waiting, Marcus is finally back in the arms of his rescuer, U.S. Air Forces Senior Airman Seray Aksoy. Aksoy befriended the cat while she was deployed in Kuwait, and was heartbroken when it was time for her to return to the U.S. and Marcus had to stay behind. “He’s super important. I mean, to create a bond with an animal there, it helps more than you would think. Being over there is tough enough. It was great to have something to actually look forward to when you went to work every night,” she said. But that wasn’t the end of their friendship. Aksoy worked with SPCA International and was able to bring Marcus home to Rochester, New York. He arrived last week, and the two are now reconnecting. “This is awesome, I’m so happy that it’s finally happening,” Aksoy said as she loaded Marcus’ crate into her car. — Learn more at NBC News