American Beagle Outfitters by American Eagle Outfitters

Just in time for the spring shopping season, American Eagle Outfitters — the clothing line beloved by high schoolers and college students — is launching a new line for dogs called American Beagle Outfitters.

Inspired by the human fashion trends lacking in many a canine's closet — chambray shirts, jeggings, fedoras, beanie hats with "selfie" written on them and the ever-popular Wayfarer-style neon sunglasses — these outfits will make your dog the hippest pup on the block. And, of course, there are human versions of the canine threads, so you can totally coordinate with your pooch while looking supercute walking down the street together.

Sound a little too good (and ridiculous) to be true? We agree, and just want to point out that American Beagle launched suspiciously close to April 1. But before all your fashion dreams are crushed, there’s one thing about American Beagle Outfitters that definitely is real: By using a coupon code to shop for yourself, you can save 20 percent off your purchase from American Eagle, and $1 for every order will go to the ASPCA. Happy shopping!