Cee Lo Green's Purrfect the cat vs. Lady the cockatoo

Feuds on The Voice are nothing new: judges Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera had a spat last season about a contestant singing Jay Z’s “99 Problems” on the show’s finale, and there’s always plenty of bickering between the judges when they’re sitting on their red thrones. But the human celebrities aren’t the only ones who don’t always see eye to eye — Cee Lo Green’s animal sidekicks Purrfect the cat and Lady the cockatoo have been taking jabs at one another through social media.

If you recall from last season, Green’s secret weapon was his fluffy white cat, Purrfect. Then, over the summer, Green replaced Purrfect with a cockatoo named Lady. At first, Purrfect played nice about losing her place in Green's lap: “Have to say, @CeeLosLady is pretty … for a bird,” the fluffy feline tweeted last June. However, as this fall’s season neared, her true feelings about Lady started to shine through. She recently tweeted, “Remember: Every night you see @CeeLosLady on @NBCTheVoice is another night I've refrained from eating her. #SelfControl.”

So what does Lady think about Purrfect’s threatening words? The cockatoo isn’t too scared to insult her ousted counterpart or to start nasty rumors: “I heard @PurrfectTheCat was in rehab. #CatnipHeluvaDrug,” she recently tweeted. “Purrfect needs to pluck the unibrow," she wrote last week. Ouch. That's pretty catty.

While we’re not going to take any sides in the Twitter battle, TV Guide is decidely Team Purrfect and the kitty certainly has more Twitter fans (Purrfect has more than 62,000 while Lady has a mere 3,000). We predict that popular Purrfect will make another appearance on The Voice later in the season and will hopefully reconcile her differences with her feathered enemy.