Our pets have a lot to say. Usually they say it with their adorable tails or expressive eyes, and, if you're like us, with funny voices you come up with for them.

But what if their ramblings were written out? What would that look like?

If you answered, "ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME," then we've got just the site for you: Animals Talking in All Caps.

This clever Tumblr takes pictures of all kinds of animals with all sorts of facial expressions and translates what they're probably thinking … in all caps, of course.

While all the entries are chuckle-worthy (and some are even CHUCKLE-WORTHY), we have a few favorites, like this Weimaraner, and this cat.

A word of warning: some of the language is a little salty (SALTY!), but if you can get past that, well, you might as well say goodbye to the next hour. This is one rabbit hole you won't want to miss out on.