With pet ownership on the rise throughout the country, condo developers have been adding dog runs and pet spas to their buildings to make them more animal-friendly and in turn entice potential animal-loving buyers. But it seems that some New Yorkers are increasingly drawn not just to cats and dogs but to owning exotic pets. Moreover, they are becoming quite adept at housing these exotic animals in secrecy, with the animals happily coexisting with their owners unless the creature becomes disruptive and makes its presence known.

According to a report on Real Estate Weekly, there are some clients out there making rather bizarre requests of their brokers, asking them to find accommodations suitable for themselves and their unique exotic companions. One such case involved a buyer looking for a duplex residence where he could occupy one floor and the other floor would house his pet kangaroo whom he considered his “child.” While the “Ten Million Star” broker tried her best to meet her client’s needs, she was unable to do so. Fortunately, the “couple” is not homeless; they continue to remain at their Tribeca location.

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