The National Dog Show airs on Thanksgiving Day, and while we always look forward to the annual telecast, there are some show moments you won't see as you watch from the comfort of your couch.

We bring you backstage to the benching area where the competitive canine contenders prepped for their big moments in the ring.

Check out our photo gallery to get the inside scoop on this year's show, from wacky dog hairstyles to a little sibling rivalry. 

What could be more fun than Doxies at a dog show? How about a trio of longhaired Dachshunds sitting in a row? Meet the adorable Chelsea, Emerald and Rockstar.

Sylvia is a 19-month-old Yorkshire Terrier from Vineland, N.J. Her full name is Edgewoods at Tinkrtoy Silver Lining. Say that 10 times fast!

The adorable Rolex is a 6-month-old Samoyed. His owner, Heather Shannon, named him that because he "cost a Rolex" to own.

Poor Bubba the Basset Hound — it just wasn’t his day. Owner Amanda Ballew says Bubba was wiggly in the ring: “He was tired and wanted to go home.”

Even dog shows aren’t immune to a little sibling rivalry. Cruise and his sister Abigail give each other a few licks as they go through the Poodle grooming routine.

Eleven-year-old Megan Jannone looks after Ginger, her Welsh Springer Spaniel. Ginger turns 2 on Christmas Day. This dog knows all about the benefits of taking a power nap on show days.

Promise the Keeshond certainly shows a lot of promise in the ring. During a grooming session, her owner Rick Su taught us a fun fact about the breed: The plural form of this Spitz breed is not Keeshonds. It's Keeshonden. Who knew?

A white standard Poodle and his owner enter the ring to compete for Best in Breed.

English Springer Spaniels Willow (foreground) and Eliza had their ears wrapped before their turn in the ring. The hairstyle — a traditional one for spaniels — helps to straighten the fur on their ears.

Ecco, a Spinone Italiano, takes a nap with his dog-bone blanket as the competition winds down. His brother beat him out for Best in Breed.

Welsh Terriers Trinket, Cydni and Dawson came to the show from Spotsylvania, Va.

Ronnie is a champion Cocker Spaniel who came to the National Dog Show all the way from Italy.

Chihuahuas Daisy (left) and Herbie competed in the Toy Group.