A female calico cat has been delivered to her owner in Washington, D.C., two weeks after she disappeared into the ceiling at Sea-Tac Airport in Washington State. Jessica Brown was moving from Seattle to D.C. when she arrived at the airport in Seattle with her two cats, who were zipped into their carriers, on March 2. She was worried that Batman might take off when the TSA asked her to remove the cat from her carrier, and sure enough, Batman bolted up a temporary wall and into the ceiling in an area where tiles had been removed for construction. Brown missed her flight to D.C. while officials searched for Batman, and eventually had to leave without her pet. Luckily, with the help of a voice recording from Brown calling Batman, wildlife biologists caught her cat in a trap in the ceiling five days later. Batman stayed with Brown’s friend until Thursday, when she flew to D.C. with a Port of Seattle employee who was headed out on a previously scheduled business trip. Batman wasn’t quite as happy as a reunited dog. “She was very angry,” Brown said. And she’s still exploring the new house, hissing, spitting at her sister Lily, and generally asking, ‘What just happened?’” — Read it at Washington’s News Tribune