It's a creature rarely seen around these parts, and should one cross your path, you'd best be armed with a ball of yarn or some organic catnip. According to ancient legend, the wild catalope is not to be trifled with.

OK, fine. You caught us. The catalope isn't actually a real animal (that we know of, anyway). But, it's real in the sense that it's a super-cool design from the artists at Etsy shop Bark Decor.

The wild catalope design, inspired by the jackalope (you know, a jackrabbit with antlers), is offered as a print (shown at left), as well as tank tops, tees and pillowcases.

According to the shop, "The Original Wild Catalope was discovered in 2009. The Wild Catalope is native to North America. Elusive in its nature, there have been few reports of it raiding trashcans and attacking small dogs." But trust us (and our friends at Catster who brought this design to our attention): You'll be perfectly safe (and stylish!) sporting these threads.

Catalope products range from $23–$26 at Bark Decor, Etsy.