We're getting up-close and personal with the canine competitors at the 2014 Westminster Dog Show! Check out our photo gallery to see Boxers, Westies, Dalmatians, Keeshonds, Pugs, Corgis and many more of the breeds competing at the Piers.

And make sure you follow along with our liveblog for even more pictures!

Petey the English Springer Spaniel enjoys a pet from one of his adoring fans.

With the help of a blowdryer, an Alaskan Malamute dries off after taking a bath.

Pollyanna the Irish Red and White Setter gets a belly rub toward the end of benching on day two.

Amstel the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon doesn't mind the cold here in New York — he's from Wisconsin!

It's been a long day for Rian, a 2-year-old Bedlington Terrier.

Keeva the Boxer makes her way to the ring. (And stops to strike a pose on the way there.)

This Welsh Springer Spaniel is all smiles in the benching area.

Steve the Mastiff takes a rest on his owner's shoes.

Eleven-year-old Serena Edgerton gets a nose-to-nose kiss from her 5-year-old Great Pyrenees, Lily.

It's bath time for this adorable West Highland Terrier.

Eleven-year-old Jake from New Jersey gets a Bedlington Terrier kiss.

This Chinook is one of three new breeds competing for the first time at Westminster. He is a member of the Working group.

This year's show is the first Westminster appearance for Burton the Leonberger.

Selfie time! Tornado the Alaskan Malamute mugs with his owner's sister.

Sam the Pembroke Welsh Corgi waits patiently for a treat from his handler.

Cinnamon, otherwise known as GCH Hemlocks My Cinnamon Girl, is a 4-year-old Australian Shepherd.

Arrgh, matey! It's a pirate's life for Keira Sue the Italian Greyhound. The crowd cannot get enough of her. (And neither can we.)

Ewok sighting! Just kidding. This is Bacon the Brussels Griffon.

Four-year-old Uriel from New York City gets to know a Basenji dog.

Named after the famous film director, Cecil B. DeMille the Basset Hound is no stranger to the limelight.

Haiti the Keeshond was born right after (and named for) the nation's massive 2010 earthquake.

Mira the German Shepherd mugs for the camera as she waits to go into the ring.

Cooper the 4-year-old Tibetan Terrier thrives on all the attention from the Westminster crowd.

Rufus the Otterhound takes a rest behind one of the rings.

At almost 9 years old, Ghost the Dalmatian is the oldest Dal competing today.

Yes, that's a blue tongue you see on Embry the Chow Chow.

At 15 months old, Beau the Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the younger contenders at the show. The fawn-coated pup with a liver nose wasn't selected for best in breed, but he definitely soaked up all the attention.

Ember the American Eskimo Dog was ready to go bright and early!

Hello, wrinkles! Gracie the Pug, who was named for Grace Kelly, is super excited to be at Westminster.

After a long day in the ring, a Chinese Crested prepares to take a well-deserved nap.