A Michigan family that’s served in the military for generations had a solemn sendoff earlier this month for Rico, the German Shepherd who toured in Afghanistan with Russ Beckley, Jr. Rico retired four years ago and went to live with Beckley’s parents, Tammy and Russ Sr., because Russ Jr., 27, was still on active duty. It didn’t take long for Rico to bond with his handler’s dad. “He lived for me every minute,” the elder Beckley said. “At night I would get up to go to the bathroom, and he would lay down by the door. If I left for a weekend, he wouldn’t eat until I got home.” Over the last two years, the loyal dog’s health started to decline, and a heartbroken Beckley family made the decision to put him down. The younger Beckley traveled home to Michigan for 40 hours in order to join family members and the local community for an honorable sendoff for Rico. — See photos at Today