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Miranda Lambert and puppies

Country singer Miranda Lambert is an animal rescue all-star. Not only does she own nine dogs, but she also recently rescued a puppy from a ditch and earlier this week she helped six abandoned German Shorthaired Pointer puppies get adopted. 

According to PeoplePets, she found the adorable pups outside a daycare center in Oklahoma and posted photos and information about them on her animal charity Muttnation Foundation’s Facebook page.

She even gave all the cuties names and shared their personality types. Conway is a little shy. Jackson Brown is her favorite of the bunch. Cabella is "confident and sweet and a little feisty.” Bentley is "her freckled-faced little mama's boy." Whitley was named by her husband Blake Shelton and is gentle and laid back. Ms. Danks is “petite and polite with a lot of love for everyone."

After finding out that all the puppies found homes Lambert tweeted a great message to animal lovers looking for a new dog, “If you werent able to get one of these sweet angels..please visit your local shelter! Don't forget..love a shelter pet! Y'all rock!” We couldn't agree more.