Roosevelt is off and running now with a wheelchair specially made for his front legs.

Border Collies love to run.

But when Stephanie Fox met Roosevelt at the New England Border Collie Rescue three years ago, the pup's malformed front legs made it impossible for him to do what he loved. Fox saw the puppy's potential, though, and she knew there had to be a way to get him up and running.

Fox got Roosevelt a wheelchair to help him get around, just like his namesake, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was stricken with polio as a child, reports the Bangor Daily News.

While many dogs use wheelchairs for their hind legs, Roosevelt needed support for the front of his body. So Fox invested in a $900 wheelchair for Roosevelt and had it reengineered to support his front legs.

“The only difference between Roosevelt and other dogs is that instead of a collar, I snap on his wheels to take him out,” she told the paper. “It’s his front-wheel drive.”

Now there’s nothing holding this Portland, Maine, dog back.

“People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering,” Fox said. “But he wakes up happy every day.”