a boy with a bernard

For his 11th birthday, Sam isn’t begging for the latest video game or Lego set.

Instead, the kindhearted Massachusetts boy decided to continue his personal tradition of forgoing birthday gifts in favor of what he prefers — that his family and friends make donations to the New England Saint Bernard Rescue.

That’s where his family found his pal Lady Jane 7 years ago.

“He’s a dynamite kid,” said the rescue’s president, Judy Bredin-Graham. She shared the photo above on her group’s Facebook page, and “so many people have sent birthday wishes to him.”

And his family and friends have delivered, sending the rescue monetary donations as well as supplies.

Bredin-Graham’s rescue places about 150 Saints each year, and she appreciates the help from Sam.

“I told his mom she better get him a honking great birthday present,” she laughed.

If you’d like to contribute, too, visit the New England Saint Bernard Rescue’s website.