You may think it’s bad when your cat brings you a bird — but at least he’s not stealing your neighbors’ laundry.

Meet Denis the Menace, who also goes by the alias Denis the Cat Burglar.

A Kitty With a Penchant for Swiping Personal Possessions

A resident of Luton, Bedfordshire, U.K., the 2-year-old kitty has acquired quite the reputation during his 18-month crime spree. According to the Daily Mail, he's made off with more than 100 items from nearby homes and gardens, including a football, paintbrushes, a Barbie doll, dozens of socks and a bike helmet.

Denis drags all of the loot home, right through his kitty door. And as you can see from this YouTube video, he'll steal in the dark of night — and in broad daylight.

The Cat Burglar's Burgeoning Collection

Denis has lifted so much stuff that his owner, Lesley Newman, has two boxes filled with Denis’ prizes in case anyone comes to claim stolen items.

“Denis is a rescue cat, and we have had him since he was six-weeks-old,” Newman told the Daily Mail. “After he had been neutered, I let him and my other cat, Eddie, out for the first time. It was just a week after that when Denis brought his first things home. It started off as a sock and some paper, but gradually escalated . . . He obviously thinks all these items are prey.”

You can see more of this sneaky kitty's adventures on his YouTube channel, and even follow Denis on Twitter.