Browser the library cat made international headlines last July, when the White Settlement, Texas, city council voted to ban him from the library where he’s resided for six years. After a backlash, he was quickly reinstated — and now he’s guaranteed the job for life. The councilman who tried to ban Browser, Elzie Clements, lost his reelection bid in a landslide last month, and even tried to ban the cat again at his last meeting, held last week. Instead, Mayor Ronald White named the beloved feline “Library Cat for Life.” Library staff members say patrons love Browser, who curls up next to children who read to him and enjoys stopping in a regular knitting class held in the building. “He’s such a gentle soul — people adore him,” said Lillian Blackburn, president of Friends of the White Settlement Library. “And if somebody does have an allergy, all they have to do is call the library and they’ll put him in a back room for a while, so they can come in. As far as I’m aware, there haven’t been any problems. Cats and books seem to go together somehow.” — Read it at People Pets