Gatlinburg, Tennessee, resident Mark Burger didn’t get the alert to evacuate his condo last week as a deadly wildfire moved dangerously close. But thankfully, his cat’s unusual behavior made him investigate. The normally calm Siamese seemed to be trying to get Burger’s attention while he stared out the window and rushed back and forth between the door and his owner. “I figured I might as well take out the trash and take a look to see if an animal like a raccoon might be making Tiger nervous,” Burger said. “When I got across the lot, I could see the flames all over the mountains across from my condo.” Burger, 60, believes that if it weren’t for Tiger, he might not have survived the fire. Once he saw the flames, he quickly ran inside, got his cat, and evacuated. Officials acknowledged that evacuation alerts sent to the mobile devices of many vulnerable residents never reached them. — Read it at the Washington Post