Orange Cat by Nicholas Chistiakov and A Great Big Giant World by Marc Dennis

Felines are the focus at an exhibit opening Saturday in Los Angeles.

Cat Art Show Los Angeles, which runs from Jan. 25 to Feb. 2 at 101/Exhibit, features the work of more than 75 artists.

The wide variety of artwork includes photographs, paintings and even a stuffed animal black cat sitting on a Roomba, in what might be a nod to Internet videos, by artist by Mattia Biagi. That one will come to life during the exhibit, spinning around on the gallery floor, reports Time. (It’s simply titled “Black Cat.”)

The two works above became posters for the show, curated by art consultant and culture writer Susan Michals.

“Many of the artists … have never created a cat-themed work of art,” reads a press release on the exhibit. “Further, a number of the artists involved have readily admitted they are ‘dog’ people, and even allergic to cats, yet they cannot negate the fact that the feline form is a beautiful one that deserves to be heralded artistically.”

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion) appears in “A Great Big Giant World” by Marc Dennis. In the painting, Snoop looks at a framed photo of a kitten on a wall that features the symbol of the rapper’s former gang, according to Time. The image featured in the second poster, “Orange Cat,” is by artist Nicholas Chistiakov.

Other entries include “Radical Cat” by Shepard Fairey — the same artist who created the legendary Hope poster that became a symbol for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and a photo of actor Marlon Brando as the “Godfather” holding a gray cat. Photographer Steve Schapiro caught the moment in an outtake on the set from the opening scene of the movie where Vito Corleone famously strokes the cat while talking to an undertaker.

“You know that saying “Every dog has its day?” Now it’s the cat’s turn,” Michals told Catster.

There are more than 100 works for sale in the show, and part of the proceeds will benefit the work of the Stray Cat Alliance.