Cat From Shaming Tumblr

If you’re a cat owner, you know there’s a flip side to the sweet moments of purring, bunting and lap warming. Inside every feline lies a mild contempt for us lowly humans, and sometimes our furry friends have trouble keeping their negative impulses in check.

At least we can make ourselves feel better with the hilarious Cat Shaming Tumblr, where an ever-growing cache of posts detail all the shredding, yowling destruction cat owners endure on a daily basis. The site features many pernicious pussycats getting into all sorts of mischief—some so shocking they’ll make owners of well-behaved kitties thank their lucky stars.

Seems body fluids are a great source of stress in cat-human relationships, as many posts confess the repeated insistence of these hellcats to do their business in your suitcase, running shoes or freshly laundered sheets. Anyone can upload their tales of hairball horror, and bask in the comfort of knowing you’re not alone in your beastly battles.