Dogs may be disappointed that it’s time for the kids to go back to school, but we know some cats who are positively thrilled to have the house to themselves again. You can play hide-and-seek only so many times, you know?

And just how do they celebrate this most wonderful time of year? We found a few kitties who were happy to show us how they party when the house is empty. Hint: It often involves sunbeams and soft surfaces.

I’m going to lie on this section of floor, and this section of floor, and this section of floor. Also, that one. It’s gonna be a busy day.

black cat lounging

Please cancel my 2 p.m. grooming appointment. I want to soak up an extra hour of windowsill solitude.

cute cat in window

As a general rule: The more blankets and toys, the better the party.

cute cat in blanket

Make sure to take advantage of aaallll thaaaat rooooom and stretch out.

cute orange kitten stretching

When the baby’s away at preschool, the cat will play — in the bouncy seat. Mmm, smells like milk.

cute cat in baby seat

What’s a party without a cold beverage?

black cat and refrigerator

You mean, I can play in all the rooms? All day? Score!

cute kitten

You kids have a good day. I’ll be right here. Napping.

sphynx cat

The sunbeam is mine. All mine.

orange sleeping cat

When you’ve been through the back-to-school routine a time or two (or 14), you know exactly what to do when that bus pulls away. 

cute cat sleeping

What? This is my celebratory face. 

cute persian cat