Cee Lo with Purrfect

The biggest sensation on The Voice so far this season may just be Purrfect — the fluffy, white feline whom judge Cee Lo Green strokes Dr. Evil–style.

The audience has taken to the mysterious Persian, who now has her own Facebook page and a Twitter feed with nearly 40,000 followers.

Although Purrfect looks quite comfortable in Cee Lo’s arms, the Internet has been abuzz with the fact that she isn’t even his cat!

That's right: Purrfect is “rented” to the show through Benay’s Bird and Animal Rentals, a Hollywood agency that's been providing critter talent for TV shows and commercials since 1982 — like Ross's monkey on Friends. According to the New York Post, Purrfect commands quite the day rate: $350.

Vetstreet asked Benay Karp, owner of Benay’s Bird and Animal Rentals, to offer some insight about this rising feline star, who's as private (and mysterious) as some Hollywood starlets.

Q. Is Purrfect her real name?

A. Benay Karp: "It’s the name that Cee Lo gave her."

Q. How did she take to Cee Lo?

A. "They're soul mates."

Q. How much time does she spend on the set of The Voice?

A. "Whenever Cee Lo is here, Purrfect is by his side."

Q. What kind of training has she received? 

A. "Purrfect, like all of our animals, is trained with positive reinforcement."

Q. We hear that she’s a rescue. Can you tell us about her background?

A. "Purrfect was rescued by Cats at the Studios, where [I] discovered her. Being that she is a rescue, we do not know her exact age, but she is approximately 3 to 4 years old."

Q. Has she appeared on any other shows? 

A. "When I discovered Purrfect, her coat was not as beautiful as it is now, and it took quite a while to grow back in. Purrfect has done stand-in work on Chelsea Handler's sitcom, Are You There, Chelsea?"

Q. What does she like to do when she’s not working? 

A. "She's a cat about town."

Q. And what about her personality? 

A. "Like Cee Lo, Purrfect is always an individual."

To see Purrfect on the set of The Voice, check out this video.