Hero Dog Awards "Couples Therapy" from Kristin Chenoweth

Let’s face it: Sometimes man’s best friend can be the world’s worst boyfriend.

In this funny sketch promoting the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards, late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler doles out relationship advice to actress Kristen Chenoweth and her inappropriate, drooling puppy, Sammy.

“The other night we gave a dinner party,” Chenoweth explains to Handler. “And I worked very hard at the meal, and he just sat there and stared at everybody while we ate.” Pretty rude, right?

When Handler asks Sammy how he feels, he just licks himself and ignores her.

Not to worry. Sammy soon has a change of heart, and by the end of the session, Chenoweth and her puppy kiss and make up.

The Hero Dog Awards, hosted by Chenoweth, airs on the Hallmark Channel today (Thursday, Nov. 8) at 8 p.m. EST.