karl lagerfeld choupette

She's got beautiful blue eyes, flowing white locks, and has one of the biggest names in fashion wrapped around her, uhh, paw. Of course, we're talking about Karl Lagerfeld's kitten, Choupette, who just landed her second magazine spread, this time in Harper's Bazaar!

Her first was for i-D, and, of course, it was adorable; it's not like there's any other choice with this princess. The interview with Lagerfeld accompanying the shoot detailed how Choupette hates water, terrorizes her personal maids (who keep a diary of her every move), and enjoys lounging in her private garden. Naturally.

But this latest interview and photo spread is everything we could have ever asked for. For one, well, just look at this picture. Karl Lagerfeld in cat ears. They really could have quit right there and we would've been perfectly content. But no, Lagerfeld goes on to talk about how Choupette eats from her Goyard dishes, which must be on the table rather than on the floor, and she must be given options for her food so she can choose between croquette and pâté.

Oh, and Princess Choupette won't deign to purr or meow to get her point across. No, according to Lagerfeld, "No, no, no — everything is done with the eyes. She knows exactly what she wants."

And here we thought we were spoiling our cats with that extra pinch of catnip.

Read the full (amazing) interview here.