crocheted grumpy cat

We're all familiar with Grumpy Cat and her adorable crabby face. And we're sure that, like us, you wish you had a Grumpy Cat of your own, if only to have someone around to share your crabbiness with every so often.

The original Grumpy Cat isn't available, but we've found the next best thing: A Grumpy Cat crochet pattern! That's right, you can crochet your own wee Grumpy Cat, to carry in your pocket or sit on your desk and remind you that frowny faces can be adorable, too. Sometimes.

The Grumpy Cat crochet pattern is the brainchild of Denise Ferguson, a pharmaceutical project manager with a crafty bent. For $5.50, Ferguson will send you a PDF of instructions for crocheting your own Grumpy Cat. This project requires a familiarity with basic crochet stitches (chain, single crochet, decrease) and an ability to read a pattern, as well as some basic crochet tools, including a crochet hook and a tapestry needle. But if you're conversant with crochet, you can easily whip up a Grumpy Cat of your own with Ferguson's directions.

Grumpy Cat crochet pattern, $5.50 at Etsy