Pooch Pajamas

Before we know it, the holidays will be here. And what better way to get your family in the spirit of togetherness than to dress them all up in identical pajamas?

OK, we know it might sound a little hokey, but really, why not embrace some silly time with the whole — and yes, we mean Fido too — gang. Plus, Nov. 17 marks National Pajama Night, so you have an excuse to order a brand-new pair. We love the flannel sets from The Company Store, which come complete with a variety of animal patterns (Dalmatians, bears, reindeer) for kids, grown-ups and the family dog.

We would call these sleep suits the cat's pajamas, but alas, they don't make them for our feline friends.

Winter Pups Family Pajamas, $39-$49, at The Company Store.