a cat dj with scratch pad

As cat owners, we put up with certain things. We put the litter box in a fairly out-of-the-way corner (but not so out-of-the-way that the cat won't go there), we have strings and toys hanging from most doorknobs, and we baldly accept the fact that we'll never use our own toilet without an audience again. But, you know, it's nice when the things you have to put up with also give a little something back, right?

Enter the DJ Cat Scratching Pad. It's a scratching pad for your cat (obviously) with the added bonus of being absolutely hilarious. It's funny enough that you won't have any problem keeping it wherever your kitty likes to scratch; even when your cat isn't using it, it's certainly a conversation starter!

DJ Cat Scratching Pad, $35 at Uncommon Goods.