doggiedrawings Husky magnet

New Year's Day has come and gone, the party's over and we're all back to the daily grind — which means it's time to follow through on all those promises you made to get organized this year.

We recommend that you start with something simple but with a big impact, like cleaning off the front of the refrigerator. And to make this more fun (because honestly, cleaning and organizing aren't at the top of our "fun" list), we want to direct your attention to these adorable dog magnets from Etsy seller doggiedrawings. The school lunch menu will look so much better when it's being held up by a happy Corgi! And this pensive Boxer is perfect for the soccer schedule — he totally gets how you feel about all of those 8 am Saturday games. And honestly, who doesn't need a Husky chillaxin' on the front of the 'fridge?

Dog breed magnets by doggiedrawings, $4 each at Etsy.