When the yellow school bus rounds the corner, it’s not just kids who wish they could bolt back inside and return to the blissful days of summer vacation: Dogs dread back-to-school time, too. And who can blame our pups for feeling a little blue? After those wonderful months of endless fetch, long walks around the neighborhood and thrilling outdoor adventures, their favorite human playmates are suddenly gone all day.

With summer coming to an (unfortunate) end, we found nine dogs who are none too thrilled that it’s time for their children to go back to school.

Silas the chocolate Lab just calculated that it’s approximately three dog years until next summer begins. Or maybe it’s just two years? He’s not sure — math was never his best subject. Either way, he’s not happy that summer is over.

Without any children around to play with, Abby the Miniature Schnauzer is desperate for a friend. Desperate.

Who will play marathon games of fetch with Nellie the Bichon Frise? Nellie never thought she’d miss her tiny humans so much.

To protest the start of the school year, Sugar and Jack the dogs and Sammy the cat will not be leaving the couch — for any reason.

Eavesdropping from the stairs just isn’t the same without the kids. Rocky the German Shepherd wants his nosy partners in crime back.

Dre the Lab-shepherd mix will be waiting right here for the bus to bring the kids home.

Lexie the Bulldog thought the expression on her face made it clear how she felt about the kids leaving this morning.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Dora the Shih Tzu-Brussels Griffon mix knows all will welcome her when she arrives at school. 

This just in! Rosie the Pug heard that the kids are home from school. Celebrations are in order.

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