Tiny Confessions, Etsy

We all wonder what our pets are thinking. Is the dog staring at me because he loves me, or because he's wondering how long it will be until I realize that he ate my running shoes? Does my cat actually hate my new boyfriend, or is she genuinely always tired when he comes over? Are they plotting to take over the world, or just waiting for dinner?

It's a mystery.

One man, though, knows what your pet is thinking — or thinks he does. Etsy artist Christopher Rozzi's paintings of cats and dogs each come with a witty caption that deciphers what may very well be going through your pet's mind at any moment. His shop, Tiny Confessions, is a hilarious collection of prints of Rozzi's original paintings, each hand-lettered with, according to the artist, your pet's "secret thoughts and deepest admissions." Our favorites include a Chihuahua who declares, "I actually believe I own everything I pee on," and the Westie who admits, "I unplugged the cable so you would take me to the park."

An 8 X 10 Tiny Confessions print sells for $20.