Twenty-two dogs are safe in a Pennsylvania town today, thanks to some quick-thinking firefighters and their animal oxygen masks. As firefighters battled a Monday night blaze in Hopewell Township, Pa., they heard yelps coming from the two-story brick home.

"Our first reaction was to grab our canine O2 kit, tell the guys as soon as they bring the dogs out, bring them right over to us. We'll give them some oxygen," firefighter Chris Laird told East Windsor Patch. "They brought out 1, 2, 15, 20 dogs. All we did was just keep pumping oxygen into them. It worked out great."

One dog died in the fire, but 22 other canines survived. Some of the rescued dogs were tiny puppies, no more than two weeks old, and barely clinging to life — but oxygen and stimulation revived them. Luckily, this was the first time the fire company had to use the pet oxygen masks since the Humane Society donated them in January.

Animal control officials and the Health Department are still investigating why there were so many dogs in the home.