We've all seen modular cat play systems, and we've long loved the idea of being able to start out purchasing something small and affordable for your cat, then adding on as time goes by. But when we saw the Innovation Pet® Kitty Connection Modular Play System at Global Pet Expo 2014, we knew it was one of the new cat products we wanted to spotlight.

Why? Largely because it features a "cause and effect" way to play that we just know our cats would go, well, batty for. As you can see in the video below, your kitty bats at one toy — and this could be a feather toy, a furry mouse toy, a crinkle toy — and her actions cause a toy on the other side of the tower to move, enticing Fluffy to play even more. It's an adorably vicious cycle.

Now, to put together a system like the one shown in the video will run you a tidy sum, but the entry-level product is slated to be just $19.99, with additions available at a wide range of prices. A double-sided scratcher (with replaceable corrugate) will run $29.99, for example, but different toys will be available for much less.

The Innovation Pet Kitty Connection Modular Play System will be available at PETCO and PETCO.com in May.

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