Is your dog too busy for his own good? Is he chewing on the furniture, jumping on your guests or barking at the neighbors? Redirect his behavior by giving him a job to do. One of the best ways to keep a dog physically and mentally engaged is with a food puzzle. Food puzzles come in varying levels of difficulty; some take only a few minutes and others up to an hour. But they all keep your dog busy and happy.

One of my favorite new dog products at Global Pet Expo 2014 is the Kong Marathon. This sturdy rubber ball has a dental chew hidden inside — by the time your dog is done with it, he will feel like he has run a marathon and be less likely to engage in destructive or disruptive behavior. The Kong Marathon has features that make it more challenging than other food puzzles, and as an added bonus, the dental chews are all made in the USA.

I am bringing home this delightful food puzzle to test on my two Pugs. It’s sure to be a winner with tennis ball–obsessed Bruce, and it might even get docile Willy fetching like a Labrador Retriever.

The Kong Marathon comes in small and large sizes in a variety of colors.

Kong Marathon, available in Petco stores beginning this month and nationwide in April for $13.99-19.99. Treat replacements are $5.99–$6.99.

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