MagicLatch Leash Connection System

So what happens when three engineers decide that clipping a leash onto the tiny metal D-ring attached to most pet collars takes more time and effort than it should? Simple. They come up with something better: a clever new dog product I discovered at Global Pet Expo 2014.

At first glance I didn’t think the MagicLatch Leash Connection System by Pet Connect was all that special. It’s just a new way to attach a leash to a collar. However, once I started playing with it, I couldn’t put it down.

In essence, the MagicLatch is two magnetic pieces (one attached to the end of a leash and the other to your pet’s collar). When the two pieces are within an inch or two of each other, they spring into place and lock with a sturdy metal mechanism that can hold a load of more than 300 pounds of static pressure. 

Once the leash of your choice is attached to the collar of your choice, you can get them apart with the push of a button. The MagicLatch is lightweight (it weighs the same as three quarters) and comes with an extra D-ring so it won’t rattle against your pet’s current tags. It’s perfect for elderly people, those with limited dexterity, or anyone who tends to be juggling lots of things (think cell phones, car keys, kids). It’s also useful for getting a leash on your dog in urgent situations, when you’re wearing gloves, and when you just want to get your pet out of the car.

The MagicLatch is recommended for pets up to 85 pounds and comes in three colors: black, blue and pink.

MagicLatch, available at for $19.99.

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