Finally, we've found some kitchen accessories that might actually inspire us to cook once in a while!

This adorable Scottie Shadow Apron and matching Scottie Shadow Holders from Anthropologie feature a white and turquoise Scottie dog print. We particularly love the attention to detail so typical of Anthropologie — if you look closely, you'll notice that every now and again, one of the pups is patterned with polka dots. So sweet!

Whether you need the mitt and potholder to protect your paws while pulling some freshly baked dog treats out of the oven, or you just picture the apron as a fun accessory for your next dinner party, it's hard to imagine a better choice. We can't help but wonder if they'll start offering these featuring other animals and breeds. What would your top pick be?

Scottie Shadow Apron, $32, and Scottie Shadow Holders, $14, at Anthropologie