Pusheen the Cat

Have you ever come upon a site filled with clever thoughts you feel like you should've come up with first? Pair those ideas with adorably simple animated gifs, and that's Pusheen the cat.

Pusheen isn't the fanciest of felines, but her blog is full of remarkably useful information for cats and cat owners. And by "remarkably useful," we mean "funny and cute." Obviously. It's not like our cats are actively seeking careers or at a loss for how to use a marshmallow, but, should those things ever come to pass, Pusheen has it covered. Although, is "toes look like beans" really a reason to consider being a cat? We're not positive about the logic, but we have zero doubts as to whether or not it's completely endearing. (It is.)

Pusheen's name is based upon the Irish word for kitten, puisín. She was adopted in her youth, completely unaware that she would become one of the Internet's favorite Tumblr accounts (and one of our favorite cats, period).