Only Henri could pull off being so sad and so funny all at once.

Our favorite black-and-white bastion of ennui is back with his seventh short film, in which the poor kitty is left with — gasp — a caretaker. As you may have guessed, this guy is not up to the task of taking care of a fine feline like Henri.

Le Chat Noir (and his person/filmmaker, Will Braden) debuted their latest masterpiece on Wednesday night at the second annual International Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota. You may recall that last year, Henri’s famed Paw de Deux was selected as the best cat video on the Internet.

If you missed this year’s festival, check out our photo gallery and read about the celebrity appearances.

Below, check out Henri’s latest — dubbed “The Cat Is Sat” — and decide for yourself whether stardom has gone to his head.