British Vogue August 2012

Who cares about a stunning Givenchy jacket? Just look at the gorgeous coat on that Afghan!

A fashion feature in the August issue of British Vogue, "Best in Show," pairs models wearing autumn's must-have looks with some fancy canine friends.

"Dan and I had done a collections-themed story last season and used a dog in one of the pictures," stylist Francesca Burns explains on Vogue's website of working on the story with photographer Daniel Jackson. "We spent a lot of time talking about 101 Dalmations and the idea of women who looked like their dogs. We thought it was a funny concept for this."

The duo recruited four-legged fashionistas with fabulous hair and unique characteristics to complement the human models.

Despite the fact that there were a few doggie diva moments, Burns admits that the canines — Destiny, Manny and Eddy, among others — were still "really lovely" to have around. 

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