Cats strike some funny poses, that's for sure. But would you ever have thought to compare them to the poses glorified by pin up girls of the '40s and '50s?

The folks at Hurly-Burly Clothing in Perth, Australia, did, and they created one of our new favorite Tumblrs, Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls. There are kitties imitating pin up girls in some of the more classic poses, like laying seductively on their sides while making eyes at the camera, and a few more unusual poses, like the fishbowl pictured here.

Most of the images are fairly tame, but there are a few sketches that show a little more illustrated skin, so this Tumblr might not be for everyone. Still, for those who appreciate the retro appeal of the pin up, it's definitely a creative concept.

(Hat tip to Catsparella for finding this gem!)