"House of Cards" cast member Rachel Brosnahan is in Santa Fe filming the second season of "Manhattan." While visiting a local dog park with her own two rescue dogs, she came across an abandoned older dog who was on the brink of heat exhaustion. “The poor guy had just been toasting out there I think,” Brosnahan said. “We brought him some water and called Animal Services.” Brosnahan said her dogs sat with the abandoned dog while they waited for help. “They both I think knew something was wrong,” she said. The dog, who shelter workers have nicknamed Grandpa, is now up and walking, and getting lots of love and attention both in person and online on the Santa Fe Animal Shelter Facebook page. “I’m so glad that they took such incredible care of him,” Brosnahan said. “Because for being as old as he was, you know, I’m not sure that all shelters would have handled the situation the same way.” — Read it at KRQE News